How to do a military haircut

Low maintenance haircuts have gained a lot of popularity among men recently. It’s not a surprise actually, because these kinds of hairstyles are both practical and cheap, if you decide to do them by yourself. But their biggest advantage is the fact that they look great on almost anyone.

Such is the military haircut, easy to make, easy to maintain, but also pretty cool and good looking. Obviously, it’s not only for military personnel so if you want to wear it, you can do so freely. As a matter of fact, you should try it out at least once, just to see if it suits your style.

So grab your hair clippers and head to the bathroom because we’ll be showing you how to do a military haircut in no time. Let’s begin.

First step: Measure before you cut

Before you start clipping your hair you should first decide how you want your haircut to look. Military haircut is the kind of hairstyle where you trim the sides and the back but keep the strip of hair on top, much like a mohawk but with the back trimmed.

With this in mind, you must first measure out how wide the top strip should be. If you want to go with the usual style, stop the short cut when your hair clippers slide off the edge of your head. If you want to go with a more radical look, then make the strip a bit narrower. In that case, just make sure that it’s properly centered and equally far from the short cut on both sides of your head.

After this, you can move on to the next step.

Second step: Start trimming your hair

Now it’s time for you to start clipping your hair. Choose a comb attachment of the appropriate length or set your hair clippers on your desired length, depending on which model you have, and trim your entire hair. You should use a length that you’d want for the top strip of hair. If you’re inexperienced with cutting your own hair, go with a bit longer length, so that you can easily cover up any potential mistakes you might accidentally end up making.

It’s much easier for you to first trim your entire hair first and then move on to shortening the sides and the back because you’ll be able to work with more precision that way.

Now let’s move on to the final part.

Final step: Finishing up the military haircut

Set the clipping length to the shortest possible – I highly recommend a pair of cordless balding clippers and get ready to start shaving the back and the sides. In order to keep everything evenly cut, the best way to go is to trim your hair in circular motion, clipping both sides and the back in one move. As you approach the top, be careful not to make any mistakes. Also make sure that you don’t accidentally fade the transition, the most important part of a military haircut is that clear difference between the lengths.

After you’ve finished trimming the back and the side, if you wish, you can go ahead and completely shave them off with a razor. This will make your haircut stand out more and look even cooler.

There you have it, now you know how to do a military cut in just three easy and simple steps. This hairstyle is great for men who want to look even more masculine and tough, but it’s also a very stylish one as well. If you want to, you can even grow out the top part to a very long length and then wear a Viking braid, it’s all up to you. At ease, soldier.

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