How to plan your military museum visit

If you are planning a visit to a military museum, there are some things which you need to know before taking off to the museum.

Take the time to check the museum’s website or social media page to ensure that it will be open for visitors at the time you plan on going. This will save a lot of time and effort and prevent the frustration of going to the museum and finding it closed.  If you can’t find a webpage or the working hours, you can call the museum to ask about the hours of operation.

Also, check the museum’s calendar for any special events which are planned for the future. Many military museums have special events which attract a large number of visitors, so make sure you check whether such an event is planned for the near future because your visit can become much more interesting and fulfilling.

Since many of the museums have outdoor exhibits, it is a good idea to plan a visit depending on the season. It is more reasonable to travel to military museums in the South during the colder seasons, while in order to enjoy the outdoor exhibits of museums located in the Northern US, you should go during the summer or spring when the weather is more favorable.

If you are traveling to another town or state to visit a museum, always check whether any big events are ongoing at the time of your visit. This will drive in flocks of people in the area and could make hotel booking difficult and much pricier. Plus, the restaurants will be crowded as well. So, call a local hotel and ask about availability and about such local events which can affect it.

Check out what other events are scheduled for the town or area. You can combine your trip to the museum with visits to other museums, exhibitions, concerts or other events of interest to you.

When you arrive at the military museum take the time to sign the guestbook, because museums usually receive funding based on the number of visitors.

You can fill out a feedback card with any comment or suggestion you may have. This is pertinent information for any museum. If you choose to make a donation, this will help keep the museum open for longer.

If you enjoyed your visit, you can help promote it by buying a promotional t-shirt to wear or to give to friends, or share your experience on social media so more people will find out about the museum and possibly visit it themselves.

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